Thursday, December 15, 2016

1. Jewelry- Coming from a Jewelry Artist, I can tell you how much it means to shop small. And I can also tell you how much owning a beautiful, handmade piece of jewelry feels. Being a small shop owner I have found some amazing shops, with amazing owners who bend over backwards to make your shopping experience nothing short of perfect. I will link my shop, along with a few of my other favorite jewelry shops below!

2. A new mug- I don't know one girl who doesn't love a new mug. Tea lovers, coffee lovers or even water lovers. A mug just makes it that much better. There's just something about holding a soft, beautiful mug in-between your hands. You can find handmade mugs on etsy, amazon and local stores. I especially love them handmade. Find my favorite handmade mug shop below!

3. Apple watch- I know I want one. I am constantly on the move, not wanting to carry my phone, wanting to track fitness, sleep etc. This is the perfect gift!

4. Pamper her!- Nails, massage, hair, facial. Get her the works. I can guarantee she deserves it. All you have to do is look up local spots on yelp and snag some gift cards!

5. Slippers- Because new slippers never get old.

6. Cozy Blanket- I can always use a new blanket. A good read, a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea. That is my type of perfection. I'll link one of my favorite blankets below!

7. A book- All I ever want to do on my spare time is make jewelry, write and read. I have some favorites that I think every woman can relate to and enjoy reading as well! I will link them below!

8. Foot Massager- An electric Shiatsu foot massager with heat. YES PLEASE!

9. The North Face Osito 2 Jacket-

10. Himalayan Salt Lamp-

11. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser- I would suggest buying Doterra or young living oils to use in this diffuser! I will link some of my personal favorite oils below, that you can get from amazon (still 100% doterra brand!)

12. 2017 Planner-

And that's it for this round up! I hope this brings some ideas to surface and gives your man, daughter, son, family some ideas! Happy Holidays!

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